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British Buses Abroad – Issue 50 – September 2021

British Buses Abroad magazine has reached Issue 50 with the publication of the September 2021 issue. In celebration, this issue has been increased from 36 to 40 pages!

There is a good mix of articles and pictures. Maurice Bateman recalls the AEC buses in the Algarve in 1996 and 1997 whilst Bob Martin concludes his story of discovering British-built buses in Canada and the USA in 2006. A new part of the world to feature in the magazine is Macau and Jeff Jones has contributed nostalgic pictures looking back to 1979 when old Bristol buses predominated. Well known bus historian, Michael Dryhurst, remembers some diversions that he made during his long career as a film director with time to search out a few British-built buses whilst on location overseas. Martin Perry presents pictures that illustrate a handful of interesting and newsworthy buses encountered in recent times in New Zealand. News from around the world covers Australia, Europe, North America and The Caribbean.

The Editor of BBA – – is always pleased to hear from readers with their observations and items for publication in future issues.

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