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BRITISH BUSES ABROAD Issue number 38, September 2018,
The 36-page issue starts with the usual chatty editorial from the Editor, Paul Bateson. Fred York continues with his fascinating story about the AECs and RSJs of the STC. This is an intriguing article about trolleybuses in Singapore. A look at British-built buses in Las Palmas in 1969 is told by Barry Wilkinson. Photographs of interesting buses in service at this time are included. South Africa was once a good market for Guy buses as told by Peter Myers in his article. The letters page is covered by the Correspondence and Queries column which is a good forum for readers to comment on previous articles, provide additional information and forward interesting photographs for publication. A popular section of the magazine are the news pages. In this issue news from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America is covered.
The covers for the September issue feature a picture of the Alexander Dennis Super Lo Enviro 500 which is only 3.91 metres high and wrapped for service in New York City. A feature of BBA is to show both front and rear views on the appropriate covers. The Editor of BBA – – is always pleased to hear from readers with their observations and items for publication in future issues