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Changes to the magazine

Buses Worldwide Magazine is available online.  Digital versions of the magazine and some back issues are available . Below you will find details of how this works, how much it will cost, and how you can order one of the new digital versions.

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The digital edition of Buses Worldwide 233  is now available. Purchase information below.
Buses Worldwide 233



There are a number of reasons why we are launching the digital versions

  • + With airmail postage costs continuing to rise, this will allow those based outside of the UK a significantly cheaper option.
  • + You will be able to access the magazine a good two weeks earlier, as the digital version will be available as soon as the magazine goes to the printers.
  • + The magazines will be searchable – for example, if you want to instantly access all references in the magazine to “Scania”, the interactive search facility will show you all the places in the magazine the word “Scania” occurs.  You will also be able to search for the same word in all the copies that are online (back to issue 143 !).
  • + “Live Links” will allow you to click on any website link and click through to the page.


No – we would like to stress that the paper version will continue to be produced as it currently is, and we hope that most members will continue to take the magazine this way.


If you subscribe to the paper version of the magazine, you will also be given free access to the digital version of the magazine too, though you will need to supply us with your current e-mail address so we can send you the access details whenever a digital version becomes available. You can however subscribe to the digital version only. If you do this you will not be sent a paper copy of the magazine, though you will be able to download and save the digital version, and should you wish to print out pages you can do this.


If you have a desktop computer, laptop, netbook,tablet or smartphone, and you have access to the Internet then you will be able to access one of the digital versions. There will be two different digital versions. The version available via various online “news-stands” will have the same content as the paper copy. This will be available via the likes of the Apple and Android platforms – log on to the appropriate news-stand and search for Buses Worldwide.


If you subscribe directly through the BWW website link you can get the digital version for just £24.00 a year (or £2.99 for individual copies) – don’t forget though, if you subscribe to the paper version you will get access to the member’s version of the digital edition for FREE. Back-issues will also be available from early 2014, back to issue 143 initially. These will be available in annual packages for £24.00 a year, or £6.00 for individual copies (outside of the current subscription year).

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