Buses Worldwide Magazine

Buses Worldwide magazine is published Quarterly. It contains a mixture of articles and news on buses and bus fleets around the world.

Latest Issue:

Buses Worldwide 218

Enclosed with this issue of Buses Worldwide is document about the Annual General Meeting. There is a voting section at the bottom which members are asked to complete and return to the BWW secretary as soon as possible.

In the magazine

Allan Macfalane travels to Singapore for part two of his Topical Tales of Tropical trails. (Part one in BWW 217). This well illustrated article covers the buses and coaches he found there.

Phil Walters visits Porto in Portugal and his photos show the variety of buses and coaches in service there

Mike Taylor gives a 10 page comprehensive look at what is happening in the East, West and North of India with a list and details of companies operating there. There a plenty of pictures too.

Norman Bartlett spent a couple of hours in Oul, Finland and found an interesting mix of buses to photograph.

Greg Travis destination was Coober Pedy in northern South Australia which he reached via Darwin. He describes what he saw along side a good selection of photographs.

We have Part 1 of Clive D’eath Meanderings around Southern France in 2000. An interesting look back 20 years to the vehicles and companies that were around in the year 2000.

Our next article takes us back even further with a look at Calgary in the 1960s – 1980s. From the camera of the late Jerry Squier with details written by Wayne Doran.

There are the regular sections for Bus Business Worldwide, and World news , Book reviews and member’s Forum.

We finish with a couple of pictures of Buses in Mozambique supplied by John Veerkamp.