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Buses Worldwide magazine is published Quarterly. It contains a mixture of articles and news on buses and bus fleets around the world.

Latest Issue:

Buses Worldwide

Issue 214

In Buses Worldwide 214 we open with an Editorial by David Stevenson about archiving our “stuff” , we know its useful to someone somewhere. What action can we take? There is also an appeal about collecting and saving online timetables.

There is Part two of Malcolm Chase’s visit to India. This time visiting the new state of Telengana with a look at the fleets of the operators their with plenty of photographs to illustrate them.

Simon Brown was able to go with a group to Algeria and his article describes what he saw and is accompanied by some photographs.

Mike Taylor describes his Long Commute from the UK to the German town of Freilburg. He chose to drive and was able to stop at some interesting towns in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany on different trips to photograph the local buses.

Alan Moore took a coach trip to Northern Italy and the south of France, taking in Nice, Menton, Monaco and San Remo. The article incledes plenty of photos of the local buses seen during the trip..

Barry Tubberfield paid a visit to Myanmar (Burma) in 2017 and shows what he found there alongside his report of the transport in this interest country which is opening up as a tourist destination.

Skyway the aerial bus system. In the US State of Oregon two bus were used as cable cars during the 1950’s on Mount Hood.. Richard Stedall shares his research into this unique method of travel.

The Mercedes-Benz O405 has been a popular vehicle. Phil Walters shares his knowledge of this vehicle from its development in 1983 to the close of production in 2001 with illustrations of many of the variants produced.

Toggenburg made a visit to the Vorarlberg Land of western Austria and he reports on how the local buses are organised alongside a numbers of photographs.

There are the regular articles of what is happening in the Bus Business Worldwide with reports on Technology , Manufacturers and Markets. We continue with world news and the news editors of the various countries are always please to receive reports from members.

We close with the members Forum, Diary and some photographs taken in Hyderabad in 2019 by Neil Barker