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Author: Martin Fisher
Publisher: Swiss Express Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9926812-4-1
Size: 210mm x 210mm.
Price: £12.00
Available from Swiss Railway Society (Sales) or from the Buses Worldwide
This very attractive account of the largest bus operator in Switzerland is published by the Swiss Railways Society’s publishing arm. Its 108 pages are lavishly illustrated with over 300 mostly full colour photographs of the buses in their mountainous environment and with 10 maps, the first showing Postbuses’ 9 operating regions and the other 9 showing the individual regions and the routes operated therein. There are also 6 charts in the body of the book and 3 appendices.
The book starts with a list of contents, followed by an introduction, which includes notes on tickets and planning your journey. Next comes a section on company history then regional structure with the national map and a chart showing Postbus and contractors depots, no of route and vehicles by region. This latter section is then expanded by examining each region’s routes in detail, accompanied by the appropriate regional map.
This is the main body of the book, accounting for 77 pages. Postbus routes are scattered around the country, generally in small groups of single routes based on railway stations and these routes are followed along the valleys, beside the lakes and up the mountains to the high passes, the glaciers and the picture-book mountain villages. The highest point reached is over 9000ft above sea level. This is as much a guide for those who would use the buses to visit this mountainous land as it is a description of the postbus operation.
After this there is a section on Publicar, a dial-a-ride minibus service introduced as a cost saving initiative on lightly used services in 1995, and others on night buses, some of the buses of yesteryear, the modern day fleet, the last two accompanied by illustrative charts. These are followed by the developing foreign involvement with Postbus in Liechtenstein and Postbus in France. The book is concluded by the 3 appendices. Appendix 1 lists, by region, Swiss bus and coach operators other than Postbus, appendix 2 is a bibliography and appendix 3 finishes the book with a list of contents, which is, confusingly not exactly the same as the one that starts the book.
This book is obviously a labour of love for the author and is likely to become a treasured and well-thumbed volume for those who buy it and use it for reference during their travels in Switzerland. If I have a criticism, it is that the hand written place names on the maps and not always easy to read. Printed place names would have been much clearer. Nevertheless, this is a very good value work which will be an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in buses in Switzerland.
Simon Brown