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The Buses Worldwide AGM will be held as a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 19:30. Members of Buses Worldwide and /or British Buses Abroad that wish to attend should register with Simon Brown at secretary@busesworldwide.org to be sent a link nearer the time.

Buses Worldwide is pleased to offer a new book by Roger Bailey. Please see below for details.

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BusesWorldwide is an organisation run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts of buses around the world.  Membership is open to anyone working in the transport industry and anyone interested in public transport, particularly buses, in all parts of the world.

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The organisation has two groups within it. Members can belong to one or more groups and each group has it own magazine. See the subscription page for current rates. Membership runs from January to December each year. If you apply for membership later in the year you will be sent any of the relevant magazines that have been published since January.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the production of our magazine, and to remind Members that help is always welcome to spread the work load. If you think you can help in any way please contact any member of the team (details on page 2 of the magazine). Steve Guess, Chairman Buses Worldwide.

Buses Worldwide 233

Buses Worldwide 233

Buses Worldwide 233

British Buses Abroad 60

British Buses Abroad 60

From Issue 63 MTN is being published by the Malta Transport society. You can join the Malta Transport Society here to continue receiving MTN .

Books for sale

You can purchase Bristish Buses Abroad Illustrated here

Published by member Roger Bailey are pictures taken during a Buses Worldwide tour to Hong Kong in 1984. This is the first of three books that Roger has produced. The second coversKowloon Motor Bus and the third will be other Hong Kong operators. You can purchase the book here.


Published by member Roger Bailey and Pauline Venables the book covers a brief history of the company and pictures taken during visits to Mumbai in the past an 2022. For more details and to purchase the book click here


Published by member Roger Bailey are pictures taken during a Buses Worldwide tour to Hong Kong in 1984. This is the second of three books that Roger has produced. The first covered China Motor Bus and the third will be other Hong Kong operators. You can purchase the book here


Published by member Roger Bailey are pictures taken during a Buses Worldwide tour to Hong Kong in 1984. This is the third of three books that Roger has produced. This book shows other Hong Kong and Macau operators. You can purchase the book here

We are pleased to offer two books from the Malta Transport Society

You can purchase Maltese Buses DBY 300 to DBY 470 here

You can purchase the Malta & Gozo Fleetbook 2021 here

These titles are also still available

You can purchase Maltese Buses of Yesteryear here

You can purchase Sri Lankan Buses Past and Present here

You can purchase Double Deck Tours Ltd Niagara Falls here

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       “The Importance of Succession Planning

It is not a phenomenon unique to transport enthusiast societies that most of the volunteers who do the various jobs running Buses Worldwide (the society) and the heroic work in producing our 3 high quality magazines BBA, BWW and MTN are getting older.  Younger people do not appear to join societies in the same numbers as before and this does lead to problems with succession when one incumbent or other has to give up their duties for whatever reason.  BWW has appealed before for members to come forward to fill various posts and has had some success but is still looking for more people to put themselves forward to take on jobs or assist current incumbents with the idea of learning what has to be done to ensure continuity if that incumbent needs to give up due to age, incapacity, death or some change in their circumstances. We need people to learn these jobs and if we do not find them, we may not be able to continue to produce the magazines which members tell us that they value highly.  As an example, we have had difficulties regarding the production of BWW.  These are not yet fully resolved beyond the end of 2018, though we hope we might have a solution.  At present production of the features half and the news half of the magazine are carried out by two people, Richard Stedall and David Stevenson.

What we need are assistants to news, features and production editors and publicity officer.  There are presently 2 unfilled places on the Management Committee, which we would like to fill at the coming AGM on 19th May and would welcome nominations.  Anyone putting themselves forward might consider if they might want to do any of these jobs or any other post on the committee for that matter.  We would like to fill other jobs, which we would like to do if we had volunteers, as part of the committee or not.  If you feel you might like to help, I urge you to do so please and to help maintain the society and our 3 magazines at the present high level or even better than they are now.  Location anywhere in the world is no problem as email and skype can easily keep us in touch.  Please don’t wait for others to come forward but volunteer yourself if you have the time and inclination to do so.  Get in touch with me at secretary@busesworldwide.org or any of the other officers listed in the magazines in you can help us to keep things running smoothly.  Thank you.

Simon Brown

Secretary, Buses Worldwide.”

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Welcome to Buses Worldwide.

الحافلات في العالم جمعية دولية للأشخاص المهتمين بعمليات الحافلة وأصحاب المصانع في جميع أنحاء العالم. نحن شبه المهنية في ذلك عضويتنا يشمل الأشخاص الذين يعملون في صناعة النقل للمشغلين ومصنعي السيارات في الحكومة أو المستهلكين أو مجموعات المصالح، الصحفيين أو الخبراء الاستشاريين، أو هم أشخاص عاديون مجرد المهتمة.


Автобуси Worldwide е международна асоциация на хора, които са заинтересовани в автобуса операции и производителите във всички части на света. Ние сме semi-professional, че нашите членство включва хората, които работят в транспортната промишленост за операторите и производителите на превозни средства в правителството, потребителски или групи по интереси, са журналисти или консултанти, или са просто заинтересованите лежащи.


巴士世界是人的国际协会的巴士运作和世界各地的制造商感兴趣。在这工作的人包括运输行业的营办商我们的会员,我们是半专业和汽车制造商在政府、 消费者或利益团体是记者或顾问,或只是有兴趣的业外人士。


Autobusy Worldwide je mezinárodní sdružení lidí, které zajímají autobus operací a výrobci ve všech částech světa. Jsme se semi-professional, že naše členství zahrnuje lidi, kteří pracují v odvětví dopravy pro operátory a konstruktéry vozidel ve vládě, spotřebiteli nebo zájmových skupin, jsou novináři nebo konzultanty nebo jsou prostě zúčastněným laickými osobami.


Busser Worldwide er en international sammenslutning af mennesker interesserede i bussen operationer og fabrikanter i alle dele af verden. Vi er semiprofessionelt, vores medlemskab indeholder personer, der arbejder i transportbranchen for operatører og at køretøjsfabrikanterne i regeringen, forbrugerne eller interessegrupper, er journalister eller konsulenter, eller er simpelthen interesserede lå personer.


Bussen wereldwijd is een internationale vereniging voor mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in de bus operaties en fabrikanten in alle delen van de wereld. Wij zijn semi-professioneel in dat ons lidmaatschap omvat mensen die werken in de vervoersector voor exploitanten en fabrikanten van voer tuigen, in de regering, de consument of belangen groepen, journalisten of consultants, of gewoon belanghebbenden lag.


Buses Worldwide is an international association of people interested in bus operations and manufacturers in all parts of the world. We are semi-professional in that our membership includes people who work in the transport industry for operators and vehicle manufacturers, in government, consumer or interest groups, are journalists or consultants, or are simply interested lay persons.


Busside Worldwide on rahvusvaheline ühendus, kes on huvitatud bussi operatsioonide ja tootjad maailma osades. Oleme semi-professional, et meie liikmed sisaldab inimesi, kes töötavad transpordi ettevõtjatele ja ajakirjanike või konsultandid on sõidukitootjad, valitsuse, tarbijate või huvirühmade, või on lihtsalt huvitatud isikute.


Linja-autojen Worldwide on kansainvälisen yhteenliittymän väylän toimien ja valmistajien kaikissa osissa maailmaa. Olemme semi-professional, että meidän jäsenyyteen kuuluu ihmisiä, jotka työskentelevät liikenteen alan toimijoille ja ajoneuvojen valmistajat hallituksen, kuluttajien tai eturyhmien, toimittajia tai konsulttien tai osoittaminen yksinkertaisesti asianomaisia henkilöitä.


Bus dans le monde entier est une association internationale de personnes intéressées par les opérations de bus et de fabricants dans toutes les régions du monde. Nous sommes semi-professionnelles, dans la mesure où notre adhésion comprend les personnes qui travaillent dans l’industrie du transport pour les opérateurs et, dans le gouvernement, des consommateurs ou des groupes d’intérêt, les constructeurs de véhicules sont des journalistes ou des consultants, ou sont simplement intéressés profanes.


Busse Worldwide ist eine internationale Vereinigung von Menschen in Bus-Operationen und Hersteller in allen Teilen der Welt interessiert. Wir sind semi-professionellen, dass unsere Mitgliedschaft enthält Menschen, die Arbeiten im Verkehrssektor für Betreiber und Fahrzeughersteller in Regierung, Verbraucher- oder Interessengruppen, Journalisten oder Berater, oder sind einfach interessierte Laien.


To Buses Worldwide (λεωφορία ανα τον κόσμο) είναι μια διεθνής ένωση ατόμων που ενδιαφέρονται για εταιρίες λεωφορείων και κατασκευαστές σε όλα τα μέρη του κόσμου. Είμαστε ημι-επαγγελματίες, σε οτι αναφορά οτι η συνδρομή περιλαμβάνει άτομα τα οποία εργάζονται στις μεταφορές, για φορείς και κατασκευαστές οχημάτων, σε κυβερνητικές, καταναλωτικές, ή ομάδες ενδιαφέροντος, είναι δημοσιογράφοι, σύμβουλοι, ή απλά ενδιαφερόμενοι.


Bis ki tap Worldwide se yon asosyasyon entènasyonal pou moun ta enterese nan otobis operasyon ak manifaktirè yo nan tout pati nan mond lan. Nou-sa nou manb enkli moun k’ap travay nan endistri transpòtasyon pou operatè yo ak manifaktirè machin yo, nan gouvènman an, dafè pou konsomatè, oswa enterè gwoup yo, se jounalis yo ou konsiltan, ou se moun mete senpleman te enterese.


באתר Worldwide של האוטובוסים הוא שיוך הבינלאומי של אנשים המעוניינים פעולות האוטובוסים ויצרני בכל חלקי העולם. אנחנו semi-professional בכך החברות שלנו כולל אנשים העובדים בענף התחבורה עבור אופרטורים יצרני רכב, הממשלה, הצרכן או קבוצות עניין, הם עיתונאים או יועצים, או אתה מעוניין פשוט אנשים חילוניים.


Buszok Worldwide az emberek érdeklődnek a busz-műveletek és a gyártók a világ minden részén Nemzetközi Szövetsége. Vagyunk félprofi területen abban, hogy a tagság dolgozó emberek tartalmazza a piaci szereplők számára a szállítási ágazatban és a járműgyártók, az államigazgatás, a fogyasztó vagy az érdekcsoportok, újságírók vagy tanácsadók, vagy egyszerűen érdekelt laikus személyek.


Autobus nel mondo è un’associazione internazionale di persone interessate a operazioni di autobus e produttori in tutte le parti del mondo. Siamo semi-professionale in quanto la nostra appartenenza comprende le persone che lavorano nell’industria dei trasporti per gli operatori e i costruttori di veicoli, nel governo, dei consumatori o gruppi di interesse, sono i giornalisti o consulenti, o semplicemente interessati laici.


バスの世界的バス オペレーションと、世界各地のメーカーに興味がある人の国際協会です。会員働く人々 の輸送業界での演算子を含むことは球界ジャーナリストまたはコンサルタント、政府や消費者利益団体での自動車メーカーであるや在家人の単に興味を持っています。


버스 전세계 사람들이 버스 작업 제조 세계의 모든 부분에서 관심이 있는 국제 연결하는 것입니다. 우리의 회원 작업을 전송 업계에서에 대한 연산자가 포함되어 있는우리가 차량 제조 업체, 정부, 소비자 또는 관심 그룹, 언론인 또는 컨설턴트, 또는 단순히 관심이 누워 .


Autobusi Worldwide ir starptautiskā asociācija, cilvēki interesējas par autobusu operācijām un ražotājiem visās pasaules daļās. Mēs esam semi-Professional, ka mūsu dalība ietver cilvēkus, kas strādā transporta nozares uzņēmējiem un transportlīdzekļu ražotāji, valdība, patērētāju vai interešu grupām, ir žurnālisti vai konsultanti, vai vienkārši ieinteresētās personas, kas izstrādā.


Autobusai Worldwide yra tarptautinė asociacija, žmonės domisi autobusų operacijas ir gamintojai visose pasaulio dalyse. Mes esame semi-professional, kad mūsų narystės apima asmenims, kurie dirba transporto pramonės ūkio subjektams ir transporto priemonių gamintojai, vyriausybės, vartotojų arba interesų grupės, žurnalistai ar konsultantų, arba tiesiog suinteresuotos neprofesionalais.


Busser Worldwide er en internasjonal sammenslutning av folk interessert i buss operasjoner og produsenter i alle deler av verden. Vi er semi ved at vårt medlemskap inkluderer personer som arbeider i transport bransjen for operatører og kjøretøy produsenter i regjeringen, forbruker eller interessegrupper, er journalister eller konsulenter, eller bare interessert lå personer.


Autobusy na całym świecie jest międzynarodowym stowarzyszeniem osób zainteresowanych autobus operacji i producentów we wszystkich częściach świata. Jesteśmy pół-zawodowym, w tym nasze członkostwo obejmuje ludzi, którzy pracują w branży transportu dla operatorów i producentów pojazdów, rząd, konsumentów lub grup interesów, dziennikarze lub konsultantów, lub po prostu zainteresowanych osób świeckich.



Autocarros em todo o mundo é uma associação internacional de pessoas interessadas em operações de ônibus e fabricantes de todas as partes do mundo. Nós somos semi-profissionais em que nossa associação inclui as pessoas que trabalham na indústria de transportes para os operadores e os fabricantes de veículos, no governo, dos consumidores ou grupos de interesse, são jornalistas ou consultores, ou são simplesmente interessados leigos.


Autobuze Worldwide este o asociaţie internaţională de persoane interesate de autobuz operațiunilor și producătorii din toate părţi ale lumii. Suntem semiprofesionist, în care noastre membru include oameni care lucrează în industria de transport pentru operatorii și producătorii de vehicule, în guvernamentale, consumatorii sau grupuri de interese, jurnalişti sau consultanţi, sau sunt persoane pune pur şi simplu interesate.


Автобусы во всем мире – это Международная ассоциация людей, заинтересованных в автобусе операций и производителей во всех частях мира. Мы являемся полупрофессиональных в том, что наш состав входят люди, которые работают в транспортной отрасли для операторов и автомобилестроителей, правительства, потребителей или групп по интересам, являются журналистов или консультантов, или просто заинтересованных лиц, сложить.


Autobusy po celom svete je Medzinárodná asociácia záujemcov o autobus operácií a výrobcovia vo všetkých častiach sveta. Sme poloprofesionálny v tom, že naše členstvo zahŕňa ľudí, ktorí pracujú pre prevádzkovateľov v odvetví dopravy a výrobcov vozidiel vlády, spotrebiteľských či záujmové skupiny sú novinári alebo konzultanti, alebo jednoducho laickou osoby, ktorých.


Avtobusi Worldwide je mednarodno združenje za ljudi zanima za avtobus operacij in proizvajalci v vseh delih sveta. Mi smo polprofesionalen v, da naše članstvo vključuje ljudi, ki delajo v prevozni dejavnosti za izvajalce in proizvajalce vozil, vlada, potrošnikov ali interesne skupine so novinarji ali svetovalci, ali so preprosto zainteresirane laične osebe.


Autobuses Worldwide es una asociación internacional de personas interesadas en las operaciones de autobús y los fabricantes en todas partes del mundo. Somos semiprofesionales en que nuestra membresía incluye a personas que trabajan en la industria del transporte para los operadores y fabricantes de vehículos, en el Gobierno, consumidores o grupos de interés, son periodistas o consultores, o son simplemente interesadas las personas laicas.


Bussar Worldwide är en internationell sammanslutning av människor intresserade av bussen operationer och tillverkare i alla delar av världen. Vi är halvprofessionella i detta vårt medlemskap omfattar personer som arbetar inom transportsektorn för operatörer och uppmuntra fordonstillverkare i regeringen, om konsumentens eller intressegrupper, är journalister eller konsulter eller är bara intresserade lekmän.


Worldwide รถประจำทางคือความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างประเทศของผู้คนที่สนใจในการดำเนินการที่รถโดยสารประจำทางและผู้ผลิตในทุกส่วนของโลกเรากำลังsemi-professional ในที่เป็นสมาชิกของเรามีคนที่ทำงานในอุตสาหกรรมการขนส่งสำหรับตัวดำเนินการและผู้ผลิตรถยนต์ในรัฐบาลผู้บริโภคหรือดอกเบี้ยกลุ่มเป็นผู้หางานหรือที่ปรึกษาหรือมีความสนใจเพียงแค่lay บุคคล


Otobüs Worldwide insanların otobüs işlemleri ve üreticileri dünyanın tüm bölgelerinde ilgilenen Uluslararası ilişkidir. Bizim üyelik işleçler için taşıma sektöründe çalışan kişiler içeren, yarı-profesyonel olduğumuzu ve hükümet, tüketici veya çıkar gruplarının, araç üreticileri Gazeteciler veya danışmanlar, veya basitçe ilgi lay kişiler.


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